K986 Movies

On this little gem of a page, you can find my "reviews" for movies! As far as the reviews go, expect multiple tiers for the movies that require it - for example, for movies with source materials (comics, games, novels, songs) you can expect me to try my hardest to keep that source material from infringing on the movie experience, but if I do know of that source material, I'll also make sure to tell you of its own accord.

Search for genres (horror, sci fi) using this button.

View the Title List  by clicking the clapper image to see movies by title (assuming its been reviewed).  If you know a specific movie, use the search bar to speed things up. You can also click on a MPAA Rating bar to bring up a selection of 20 movies from my comrade TPBM and I each of that Rating. I'm looking into getting the limit to be expanded by my provider though, so don't stress too much, okay?