Night of the Creeps (1986)

It'll be the night of your life... death

  • Intro alien scene environment/effects
  • Makes fun of itself or other films in sly little quips
  • Why the dead are walking is explained
  • Quirky characters
  • Anything you would love about B-movies
  • A lot of plot elements that are easily digested
  • Puns/jokes
  • Not winning any awards for the romance plot
  • Cliffhanger in case someone wanted to milk it for more money
  • Some actors excel more than others (re: anything you would love about B-movies)

   I am of the opinion that you should watch this. I suppose some of you won't like it, what with the camp and B-elements (such as some real light weight nudity), but in this case you'd be missing out. I mean, usually there are things I know annoy me in a movie, and I can list them easy, but I really had to think about this one and (as you can see) didn't come up with a whole lot of reasons not to watch this. If you like B-type movies or fun creature flicks, you should certainly check this out - and by far I'd say to rent/Netflix/watch it where you can if your of the same mind as me when it comes to movies.