Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013)

Is he an enemy of the state... or its last hope?

  • Looks great.
  • Cool outfits.
  • Plot twist reveals, and some plot that isn't the ordinary affair.
  • Battle scenes pretty energetic.
  • Decent assortment of character types.
  • Harlock's ship is a sight to behold.
  • Can feel a bit slow sometimes, as the movie certainly isn't all about the action - in fact, a portion of it feels a lot like it's spent trying to explain things to you.
  • Some of the plot isn't very original at all.
  • Netflix only offers Japanese and Spanish audio (I mean, cool for people who speak spanish - but that just makes two languages I can't understand), so reading happened.
  • Although he drives the plot, Harlock himself isn't so much the main character.

   Rather reminiscent of Advent Children in animation quality / looks, people look for a normal tale of pirates except in space might find this a little outside of what they were looking for. If you want some cool space fights, a plot that pretty much explains itself (if you pay attention), and some brooding Captain Harlock, king of the space pirates, then it'll be right up your alley. I would recommend checking it out (especially if you have a netflix account) just for the aesthetic value alone, as it is very well done, but I also enjoyed the plot elements towards the end of the flick.