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Dredd (2012)

This movie is a great blueprint on how to introduce an action character.  The plot is simple and straight forward, the movie doesn't overload the viewer with background information or try to be this big tent pole movie. It also stays true to the comic source material, great example, he NEVER takes his helmet off.  Now, many might ask why something as simple as seeing his face is important and that is a valid question. Simply, if he never takes it off in the 30 plus years of comic strips, why would he do it in the movie?  Most people won't care about stuff like that, but to the fans it shows that the makers of the film care about being true to the source material.  I don't want to see someone's version of the comic, I want to see the comic turned movie.  If you want to do your version, make it "Your name": Judge Dredd.

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