A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)


 Jack's a writer with a dark secret. But now his demons are taking over, unless one man finds the courage to fight back.

  • Opening act strikes a cord with anyone who's been a young kid alone in a house at dark, seeing monsters and murderers everywhere
  • Funny in normal ways, as well as in that distinctly British manner
  • Surprisingly effective morals that develop from the story
  • Animated segments instill a bit extra to the movie
  • Simon Pegg has that Simon Pegg charisma
  • Some of the plot twists are handled very well
  • British - those offended by cross language might be a bit offended
  • Probably won't have you rolling about the floor from laughter
  • Settings and costumes are nothing spectacular outside of the animated segment
  • Simon Pegg is the only real character for at least 95% of the movie
  • Some of the 'plot twists' could be seen coming

   I gotta say go ahead and take a watch of this one, unless you have something against offensive language (it's language that most British flick's I've seen tends to share, but the more "sensitive" audience won't approve). Violence is actually pretty low - especially onscreen - and outside the language and sometimes grim nature of the movie, there's only a handful of scenes that could be thought "disturbing." I rather enjoyed watching it myself - a pleasant surprise.