The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Stop dreaming. Start living.

  • Beautiful locations
  • Subliminal background words are worked in incredibly smooth and non-intrusive (impressive, really)
  • Stellar plot flow
  • Daydreaming is handled so well you find yourself not believing some of the reality later on
  • Great underlying message about what it means to really live life
  • Several moments to make me laugh
  • Wonderful use of Space Oddity
  • Had to end eventually
  • Unbelievable moments that are part of the charm can cause a bit of immersion cracking
  • Wonderful job of blending reality/daydreams can be hard to make the two distinguishable

   It's worth checking out. If your prone to daydreaming, or have ever been that "uncool person" than you should be able to get behind the main character and enjoy the experience all the more. For everyone else, it's a total adventure with a few laughs and a wonderful selection of beautiful environment locales.