Rockula (1990)

 Rock'n'roll comedy with a bite!

  • Rather unique vampire story.
  • Better love story than Twilight.
  • Very quirky / cheesy.
  • Amusing songs, some of which are catchy.
  • Bo Diddley.
  • Main theme (Rockula) has an alternate in-movie version titled Rapula.
  • Terrible dance moves.
  • Might be too cheesy / corny for the average folk.

   For a guy that might be the worst (or is that the most good) vampire ever, he certainly makes for an entertaining tale. I mean really, if the idea of a vampire who cursed to fall in love with the the reincarnation of the same girl every 22 years and then witness her death at the hands of a pirate wielding a ham bone doesn't strike you as something you want to watch, then you already have your own verdict on it. Other than that, if you like cheesy movies, let alone corny musicals, this one is certainly for you.