Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

 Leave no soul unturned.

  • Sex scene within 4 minutes of production logos in a movie that preaches how sex isn't everything.
  • Most of the time, very similar Djinn witty comments as before.
  • Sword fight. No, seriously, there is one.
  • No preachy christianity themes.
  • Little amusing quips - Stip club with the word Diablo, arab-themed restaurants, that kind of thing.
  • Finally a lead character that doesn't realize the Djinn is a Djinn within twelve minutes of it's release.
  • I'm pretty sure this has the highest breast count of all the Wishmasters. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider this a negative nor do I think most of you who are interested in watching this will - but when weighed against the "sex isn't everything" tone it's out of place.
  • Some acting moments make the last one look like it should win an emmy.
  • Ending feels a bit unsatisfying.
  • Sword fight feels like it doesn't belong.
  • One of the lamest chase scenes I've ever seen.

   If you're offended by boobs, it's not for you - which is odd, as I sort of feel like more people could use access to this whole "sex isn't everything" message that it preaches. Has some moments that don't make sense in the context of itself, but not a bad flick. I'm personally not sure how people thought this was so much better than the last one, and stick by implications that if you want to watch any Wishmaster movie, you should start with the first for it's inspirational value. The second starts feeling preachy, the third feels like it abandoned what the other's had laid down as rules, and this one feels more like the original in spirit - just with more "romance" put in.