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Afterglow Universal Wireless Headset

After the loss of my previous surround sound headset (the band broke), I found myself needing a replacement. Considering the fact that my PC for which the replacement would need to be bought is in near vicinity of my Xbox, I thought that I might as well follow through on a thought I had some time ago (that lead to my purchase of the older wired version). I've had a good deal of time to use these guys, so I think it's only fair that I finally put up what I think and my experiences on these for anyone else thinking about a pair.

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Afterglow Universal Wired Headset

Sometimes, we have to get a cheaper product because we don't have enough for the one we aimed for. In this case, I refer only to the aspect that is being WIRED. And let me tell you, there are a lot of wires on this bad boy.


  • Good quality audio - Stereo 50mm
  • Normal / Bass Boost audio modes
  • Inline controls (chat/game balance as well as headphone volume toggle) 
  • LED lighting (not as obtrusively bright as older model) 
  • Flexible, extending microphone
  • Overall pretty flexible headband - makes for a good tight fit
  • Useable with Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, and PC
  • Microphone pics up very nicely
  • Ridiculously long cables  (Don't know for exact, but certainly double-digits feet)


  • A bit uncomfortable for those with glasses (tight fit will squish the ear-ends, causing a bit of float whenever the headphones move) 
  • A lot of cables (inline audio to speakers, USB to system/pc, cable from inline controls box to Xbox 360 controller mic jack). 
  • Ridiculously long cables (can get messy real fast)  
  • Charging cables and wired controllers will cause some mic feedback to anyone you talk to (odd "buzzing" sound) on Xbox 360 controller
  • This one may be the actual Xbox service, as I've had issues like this with other wired microphones, but occasionally mic become unintelligible for party members (fixed with a simple flick of the mute/unmute on the inline controls
  • Bass boost can cause some audio garble - Similar to most older-type Bass Boost settings (like old CD players). 

 Some may consider the lack of surround sound a con - to me, I honestly find it easier to hear everything without it, as with surround sound I find that there are always moments when something (such as dialogue) comes in to quiet/softly and then the music comes in so strong/loud it ends up being painful when compensated for the dialogue. Also, some may find the light's constant on state to be annoying, although outside of the mic "audio indicator" LED (blue for normal, red for bass boost) is relatively not noticeable while wearing the headset (comes in blue and green LED versions, by the way). I got these on sale at Target, and still hope to eventually try out the wireless versions in the future, but in a change of pace I will actually supply you with an Amazon link so you can see the price and have a spot to get it (previous Tron Controller reviews had me constantly assailed with "where do I get one?").
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Afterglow AX.4 Wired Communicator

You know me, and you know I love my items that glow!


  • Relatively cheap
  • LED lighting (variety of colors) 
  • Works with Xbox 360 controllers
  • Ear cushion makes it pretty comfortable to wear. 
  • Large mute button on side of headset (where the mic is) 
  • Mic rotates 180 degrees
  • Inline headset volume


  • Very short microphone, requires the user to talk louder to be picked up
  • May have something to do with above, but mic also seems to put out quieter audio to party members
  • LED's are bright enough to noticeably illuminate half the room on the side that the LED is situated  
  • May be a problem with Xbox Live (as it has happened to me with various makes of wired headsets), but occasionally party members will receive unintelligible noise instead of what you are actually saying

Honestly, as much as I love the items that glow, I would say that it would be more worthwhile to pass this one up in exchange for a better quality headset. Inbound audio works fine on this guy, but that short microphone has a lot of issues picking someone up, especially a quiet guy like me. The LED's, while fun, are also a bit too bright for my liking (being that I use a projector over a TV, it can actually cause wash-out on my 'screen' making it harder to see). That being said, I will post a link for purchase in case anyone desires on none-the-less.
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