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Afterglow AX.4 Wired Communicator

You know me, and you know I love my items that glow!


  • Relatively cheap
  • LED lighting (variety of colors) 
  • Works with Xbox 360 controllers
  • Ear cushion makes it pretty comfortable to wear. 
  • Large mute button on side of headset (where the mic is) 
  • Mic rotates 180 degrees
  • Inline headset volume


  • Very short microphone, requires the user to talk louder to be picked up
  • May have something to do with above, but mic also seems to put out quieter audio to party members
  • LED's are bright enough to noticeably illuminate half the room on the side that the LED is situated  
  • May be a problem with Xbox Live (as it has happened to me with various makes of wired headsets), but occasionally party members will receive unintelligible noise instead of what you are actually saying

Honestly, as much as I love the items that glow, I would say that it would be more worthwhile to pass this one up in exchange for a better quality headset. Inbound audio works fine on this guy, but that short microphone has a lot of issues picking someone up, especially a quiet guy like me. The LED's, while fun, are also a bit too bright for my liking (being that I use a projector over a TV, it can actually cause wash-out on my 'screen' making it harder to see). That being said, I will post a link for purchase in case anyone desires on none-the-less.
Purchase from PDP on Amazon

Nyko Xbox 360 Charging Dock (Xbox 360)

A step in the right direction!


  • Comes with two NiMH (rechargeable)  battery packs advertised as 25 hours of playtime (I have not tested for more than 6 hours as of yet)
  • Base station accepts both controllers at once, with a front-mounted easy to see LED display that shows if/when they are charging
  • Has a USB port hidden in the front
  • Power cable keeps it separate from the Xbox 360 system itself
  • Cheaper than buying to battery + charger combo packs


  • Requires specific batteries (Nyko NiMH like the ones that come with it) to charge

Overall, this guy saves me a lot of time. I own an Xbox that just wants to keep turning itself on from power-down state, so I often leave it unplugged (meaning my batteries can't charge while I'm not playing). This charger, being independant from the Xbox, will charge both my controllers without any issue, and the USB in the front also lets me charge my wireless headset while I'm not gaming as well. So far, I have had no issues with it at tall (one controller has been on there charging since I got it, no smells of burning or anything like that).

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Tron Controller

File this sexy beauty under AWESOME.

Really though, the video file on this says it all. Rubberized grips on the hand portion, 4 way dpad (as opposed to dpad with directionals). The overall feel is the same as most wired controllers - button sensitivy, stick rotation/sensitivity, button spacing all with no noticeable differances (at least by me). The rubber grips are comfortable, but can attribute to some hand sweating, and I haven't noticed it with any of my other controllers before, but this one has actually rumbled itself off the table during a cutscene before.

The only real negative on this bad boy is (to some) that its wired, and to more of us, that it does not work with generation 1 headsets (the bad boys with the huge plug part that contains also the mute switch on it). This, of course, is no problem to anyone with the newer headsets (either wireless, or containing just the plug at the end), but for those of us who've been around for a while, its troublesome.

Addendum: It's been brought to my attention that thanks to the g2 style mic jack, the controller will probably not work with the controller-plugged keypad either (I don't have one, so I can neither confirm or deny this).