Battle of the Damned (2013)

He didn't come here to be a hero, but things change.

  • People vs "zombies"
  • Robots vs "zombies"
  • Quite campy in acting and action
  • One-liners and other dialogue one comes to expect from B flicks (yes, this is a plus in my opinion)
  • Robots get some pretty sweet cosmetic upgrades
  • Some of the acting
  • Baby-drama seems unnecessary
  • "Zombies" aren't zombies, yet still persist in their desire to eat non-"zombie" people
  • Small screentime for robot friends

   It feels at home on the shelf with all your other B-grade science fiction movies, and will entertain just as much. If you don't like B-movies, then it might not suit your fancy, and if you go in expecting super A-list graphics and effects then you'll most likely be disappointed. If you want cheesy zombie vs robot survival-action however, there isn't much competition for it out there.