Quick Flicks

The thing about writing movie reviews is that sometimes when watching a movie, you just don't find the drive to write a full-blown 7 paragraph review. Sometimes, you can't even talk about the plot without ruining the movie!

That's where Quick Flicks comes in - think of it as plot-free sparknotes. For any movie in this list, you'll get my main opinion (did I like it?), followed by a few of the highlights or main gripes (cool plot? Terrible acting?).

It's quick, it's dirty, and basically reviews-lite, but it should be perfect for those who don't want to or have the time for a full review.

Use the search bar to look for a specific title, the Title List clacker for everything I've done so far, or the MPAA ratings to view a few movies of that rating. If you'd prefer to view a specific genre, click the appropriate button.